Becky Vance

Finance and Administration

I am from Central Louisiana and grew up on a farm surrounded by grandparents and many great aunts and uncles who were strong Christians, wonderful role models and the rock-solid guides of my early life.  We grew up attending church and always knowing that Jesus lived and died for our sins.  When my parents divorced when I was in Jr. High School, I was searching for answers and during that time I accepted Jesus as my savior at the little country church that my mom and grandparents had attended as children.    After several moves for work and school, I drifted away from my relationship with the Lord.  My husband, Neil, and I moved to Houston for work in the Oil Patch after I graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.  We received a card in the mail from ACC for the Easter services in 1998 and decided to try it out along with our son, Jeff who was 5 years old at the time.  We have been part of the ACC family since attending that service!  I am blessed to have been given the opportunity the last few years to also work with my ACC family.  I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for ACC in the coming years!

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